Quality photos and videos are essential to many aspects of your business, but some images may seem unimpressive or lack uniqueness that helps your business to get the recognition that it deserves. At Zero400 RPA Photography, we provide you with a fresh perspective from above the ground. Through our professional aerial photography services, we can capture both still images and videos that will help you to get the attention you need from customers and clients. To meet all of your needs, our services also include quality ground photography and videography. Our services are available throughout Geelong, Bellarine, the Surf Coast and beyond.

Gary Robinson|Director & Chief Controller

Putting Aerial Photography to Work for You

Aerial photography and videography has incredible applications in many industries. For example, our images and videos can be used to give travellers a bird’s eye view of a resort, a theme park, a golf course or other attractions. This same technology can be used by real estate professionals to make a listing stand out in a crowded marketplace. Government can use it to promote infrastructure projects, parks and gardens works and more. From land surveying and real estate construction to marketing for sailing or eco tours and much more, there are an endless range of applications for our services.

The Benefits of a Skilled Experienced Photographer

You may find other aerial photography services offered by drone operators, but we have the unique combination of drone operation experience and photography skills. You do not simply want a photo or video taken from an elevated position. You want your videos or images to be truly impressive pieces that define your brand, market your product or achieve other objectives. We are so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through our aerial photography and videography services that we will spend time learning about the goals that you want to accomplish through the use of our services. We will then tailor our services to specifically meet your needs.

Contact Us for a Consultation and Quote

While our primary focus is on creating images and videos that live up to and exceed your expectations, we are also focused on producing work within your timeline. Weather conditions can play a role in our scheduling for aerial photography, but you can rest assured that we will complete all photography and videography requests as soon as possible without sacrificing on quality. If you are interested in learning more about our services or if you would like a quote for your project, contact Zero400 RPA Photography today.

Zero400 RPA Photography
Innovative photography taken from ground level to 400 feet.


“Zero400 RPA Photography” will provide image excellence from a unique perspective with exceptional service. We will go above and beyond for our customers to ensure their deadlines are met and a quality product is delivered. We are located in Geelong and service the greater Geelong area, surrounding Surf coast and Otway region.


Restrictions and Special Requirements

Commercial flights in the weight class I have chosen to operate are governed by Federal Law and are controlled in Australia by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). I currently hold the necessary certifications to operate commercially in Australia under CASA 101 Amendment (AC 101.1 v2.0) included RPA as specified under the ReOC.

Regulatory Compliance Obtained: